Friday, May 4, 2012

H.Lady Margret Rose-B.Holley

Good evening to all, I am posting tonight on someone elses flower, Bonnie Holley of Gold Coast Daylilies. I have bought plants before from Stan and Bonnie, even talked on the phone to Bonnie a few times. I bought this plant LMR from Bonnie last fall and i didnt know at that time it had a love potion with it. Maybe it was in the pollen when it bloomed but when this plant bloomed this week it made me Weak. This plant has had 2 blooms this week and i am on cloud nine. Lets see, it is 7 inches and i measured it several ways and still came up 7 inches. 4 inch petals, wide blunt sepals and a gold edge like i have never seen so much Chicken Fat before. The gold edge is 1 1/2 inches in places lots of ruffles. I have seen 2 blooms and have not seen it hang up or tear. Bonnie sent me several fans more like a clump and scapes are all over these plants. I dont think my heart can stand it. I was praying that something good would bloom so as bloom started i would have some good pollen to work with. I think God outdid himself this time. Thank You!! This picture does not do justice to this plant. If you buy it you will understand. I have seen lots of blooms in the past 18 or so years and this one is in the top 5 in my book. Nope Gold Coast didnt ask me to help sell their plants, they dont need my help and dont know about my blog most likely. It is a lot easier to tear someone down in this world we live in so when i get a chance i like to lift them up. Im sure we all get tired of people gripping about the plants they get. I even had someone get onto me because i sent too many bonus plants and they had to plant them. Go Figure. So for the Josh Jacques and Stan-Bonnie Holleys in this world,Keep Doing An Excellant Job. Tomorrow Lift someone up and not Push them Down. I approve this message. Jim Elliott


  1. Hi Jim,
    Thanks for the image of LMR, it looks special. I have purchased from the Holley's and they do send nice plants. I am currently blooming DIAMOND CUTTER and OKLAHOMA SAND BURR, both toothy and I am putting pollen all over them. Enjoy your blog.

  2. Thanks Lee, i wish i had a couple of your red seedlings to be a pod parent for LMR. Can you imagine a red like that. WOW. Will be showing dip seedlings before long. Keep showing your seedlings and show a greenhouse picture with all those seed pods. Jim Elliott