Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Big Ole Creamy Dips

What can be better than a big bowl of vanilla ice cream on a hot day? Maybe 2 big cream dip seedlings. These 2 seedlings are of my kind that i like. Lots of sepals and fat petals. They really fill out the flower. I love when petals are wide enough to overlap and the sepals just fill in the curves and you have a nice round Bagel then. The seedling beside the cell phone is 7 inches. I thought the contrast of having a phone there could show just how big this dip flower is. Both seedlings are down from Talbotts Carribean Whipped Cream. This parent has added branching and size to my dip program. Temps are a little cooler today and the high will be 90 tommorrow with lows about 65 degrees overnite. I may have to spread some pollen tommorrow. The past week of high temps have shut down the seed pod factory. Remember to drink lots of water.

Jim Elliott

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