Monday, May 30, 2011

Bigger Eyes on Diploids

Good day to all, i hope this Memorial Day finds you at peace with oneself. In other words i hope you have a no trouble kinda day. Yall know my first love is dips and more people than i can count feel the same way. We love the big ruffled selfs(solid color) and people ask "whats new and whats comming in the dips? Are the dips done?" No way. My last post i showed you a 6 inch Red dip we will be breeding with trying to get a good line of reds with great branching and good color. Lots of branching and bud count.

Now i am looking into breeding bigger eyes on big flowers. Dont you hate to get a 6 inch flower with an eye that is 1/4th inch in depth. Thats just terrible for an eye. Everyone has them. I want eyes that from the throat to the outside edge of the eye is 2 inches wide. Now those are Betty Davis eyes. So we are going to breed dips in the 8 inch range that have eye patterns and solid eyes that will come close to filling up the petal with color. I have seen Pat Stamiles big eyes on tets but why arent there any on dips?

In the picture is a big 7 1/2 inch dip seedling numbered d1810. The cross is Connie Cant Have It X Cosmic Kalidescope. This flower should breed red eyes, kalidescope pattern eyes and black eyes that i love. We are going to use this seedlings pollen to breed every large eyed dip in the garden and see where the seedlings take us. Just something different than what is there now.

Jim Elliott

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