Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fire Ants

First i must tell you i am not an expert about Fire Ants but i have been told by others what they do and it works in my yard. The mounds get bigger as the days go by and can get bigger than a foot tall. I have seen some on a Regional Tour and the home owners never knew what they were. A week ago there was no sign of any ant work in my yard. I have been told after a rain the Fire Ants get active. Late last week when the yard started to dry i started to see all these mounds start up. The way they make their tunnels you can spray with gas and light them up and after the fire goes out they just move over a little. You must kill them with a BAIT so that All the ants and the Queen will die.

I have seen yard granules that says they kill the Fire Ants, maybe so but the Queen stays in the mound and dont come out, so how do you kill her. She has to eat. Bait her. The product i use i get at a commercial nursery and cost about $22.00 for a one pound canister that has a shaker top. I will sprinkle about a teaspoons worth on and around the mound and in about 24 hours there is no activity at the mound and no holes present, looks like a cave in sort of. So dont play with these Fire Ants get rid of them and if you have them most likely your neighbor does too, feed his also. They will bite you and are very aggressive in their attack.

Blooms season looks to be early this year by at least a week. Hope you find the perfect bloom you want and have a great day. Jim Elliott

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