Monday, May 9, 2011

Good Snake-Bad Snake

Can you imagine opening your back door and a 4ft Water Moccasin Snake falls into the house. Tighten up time for sure!! It happened to me last night. The dogs were barking so i opened the side door and smelled skunk. I shut the door and got my 22 rifle and put on my headlight and headed for the back door, the one we use most of the time. I didnt turn on the porch light so when i opened the door i saw something move really close so i stepped back and this 4 ft snake fell off my door knob and landed on the floor of the house. Thankfully i didnt panic and i shot the snake where it layed. Glad i didnt have a shotgun!!

This morning i was in the garden looking at the scapes comming out and almost stepped on this King Snake. He is all speckled in white dots so please dont kill a King Snake as they eat poisonous snakes and mice. If it has a pattern on its back kill it.

With all the high water around here and all over Arkansas the snakes are moving around and it is mating season.

Had my first bloom yesterday Mysterious Eyes of Stamile and yes i did put some pollen on it. Plants are getting waist high and new scapes are above the folage. Beautiful day ahead. Lets all pray for those needing lifted up. Jim Elliott

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