Thursday, May 12, 2011

Those Mysterious Eyes

Well it was bound to happen. The first flower to open and it was Stamiles plant Mysterious Eyes. I had the first bloom last week and i did set pollen on it. Ao today i had 2 blooms open from Mysterious Eyes and i did dab a little bit of pollen from Texas Blue Eyes on them. You can see in one picture there is a seed pod set. So now the bloom season is set in motion and the hybridizing will begin. Remember in past blogs about how to save and freeze pollen, well the pollen i used and set the seed pod with was frozen pollen taken last year.

I dont self blooms. That means i dont use the pollen from a flower to pollenate itself. Like a bug would do if it were to crawl around on the pollen and then crawl out to the end of the pistil. People use to think that when you would self pollenate that the seedlings would be going back to the flowers in its past. I may try some this year just to see if that theory holds up or not. We finished an outside job yesterday and went and visited with a gardening friend of our Sheila Nash. She has a lot of shade so she can have a big variety of plants. Yes she has a beautiful yard and home. Thanks Sheila. Maybe we will finish out the day planting the last of our daylily seed crop from last summer. Jim Elliott

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