Thursday, May 26, 2011

Patterned Eyed Seedling

Good evening to All and i hope you are getting ready for a family weekend. Be Careful and watch those kids so they dont get too much sun. I went out into the seedlings this morning and had about 40 blooms open, but i saw this bloom across a couple rows i knew it was special. It is a tet but it is very unique. I was aiming for a white to cream colored base flower with a double edge. The cross was Boundless Beauty X Mardi Gras Ball. There is no patterned eye in either parent. But sometimes by Gods Grace we get an even bigger and better gift than we ever expected. You cant out give the giver. I gave it a garden name of Splash. My friend that is an art teacher calls this eye pattern Scrunch when painting. Where you kinda dry brush the paint and comes and goes. Yes i got a little excited and put this pollen on about 5 flowers that were blooming in my hybridizing area. I also had a big dip with a broken eye pattern bloomed today but i will save that picture for another day. Today was Splash day. Splash is about 6 inches and has 12 buds but it is a tet. Jim Elliott

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