Saturday, May 21, 2011

Purdy Good Stuff

Its unreal how much longer my right arm is than my left. Could it be from patting myself on the back so much? Just kidding. But we did get some much needed rain yesterday afternoon and through the nite. This morning when i looked out i saw this 6 inch red seedling looking back at me. Funny how the good looking seedlings seem to look toward the house for our attention. With the rain in my rain gauge we got 4 and 3/4 inches since yesterday afternoon till this morning. These 2 seedlings looked really good to me, so i thought i would share. I think the red seedling has 24 buds.

Counting buds on a scape. I have been counting buds for a long time. Usually there will be 4 buds at the end of a lateral branch. Now if that lateral is split at the end then you will have 8 buds. If the lateral is split you will have 2 ends of 4 buds so that makes 8 buds. If you have 2 laterals (branches) then you should have 16 buds if both laterals are split. Same goes for top branching (terminal Y) at the end of each stem there should be 4 buds, so on a terminal Y there are 2 ending stems equals 8 buds right? What about terminal W. There are 3 ends, so 3 X 4 equal 12 on top. Every once in a great while and end will have 3 buds and the other side will have one bud. When your scapes are getting close to blooming go out and count the buds.

Thats my thought for the day, even though you may have never heard about counting buds before. My goal on our blog is to have good information about daylilies and showing a few nice blooms along the way.

Both seedlings are diploids. The red is 6 inch and the purple is about 5 1/2 inch. If you will notice the purple is a bi-tone meaning sepals are a lighter color than the petals. A reverse bi-tone is when sepals are darker than petals. Thank God that the World didnt end this morning at 6am like the false prophet said it would. If you have given your heart to Jesus Christ then you have nothing to worry about, because when that day comes Jesus will welcome you to Heaven with open arms like he did Stephen. Pray for those that cant help themselves. Jim Elliott

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