Friday, May 6, 2011

Double Rainbow

Great Day to All. It is foggy this morning here in central Arkansas. The rains have stopped and the rivers keep comming up. Lots of flooding along the Mississippi River and will keep getting higher till the middle of next week. Lets give prayer to those people and the families that lost loved ones last week with all the storms. We tend to forget about people in need until it reaches our families. Please have sympathy for others starting today and include them in your prayers and lets dont forget our people in other countries in harms way.

Kathy and i were finally cutting grass and working in the yard last tuesday. I looked north of our house and i could see a big cloud with rain comming out of it headed right for us. It came a shower and as the shower was about to quit i looked up and there was a double rainbow. just beautiful and right over our place. It reminded us we have a lot to be thankful for.

I have had a few emails recently from people that read our blog and want to buy some of our daylilies. Or do we just grow them? We do sell plants to visitors who come to the garden. We sell seedlings and named daylilies. We will start next spring releasing our own introductions. We have been lining out plants this early spring but the rains started comming and the ground is just soaked. No way to make more beds, it is tough just pulling some grass. For the last couple years since building a new house we have been trying to hybridize, plant seeds and make new beds for the seedlings and line out some of our clumps of our seedlings. Plus we work for a living full time. If you noticed our web site is not up to date with last years seedling pictures and the new seedlings are starting to scape up. Never enough time. Not complaining as we have our electricity on and we are all healthy so life is really good with our family. Pray for others you dont know and maybe God will Bless you too. Jim Elliott

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