Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good Pollen, Bad Pollen

This past week here in central Arkansas this past week we have had much cooler than normal temps.. In the mornings we have been in the lower 40s. But now the temps have warmed to above 60 this morning. Daylily flowers dont fully open good until morning temps are above 60 degrees 3 mornings in a row, 2 petals will be normal and the third will be curled up on the edges like a bad hair day. Best part is, is that the pollen can still be good and that messed up bloom will set a seed pod if pollenated usually.

Our friends Pat and Patrica Larsen came over the other afternoon and Pat couldnt believe i already had set seed pods on some plants. We are talking about the Fla. plants i bought back in late February. These plants are still on Fla. bloom time even though they are in Arkansas. Thats why they are blooming here now. After being in the ground over the winter they will set their bloom for Arkansas time and roots will be established and have better plant habit meaning more buds and better scapes.

Now to the pollen. I have always told people that Chunky Pollen was not good or Viable as some say. I think it is my fault that the pollen on Stamiles intro Screen Pattern is chunky. I may have gotten the partially open bloom wet last evening as i was watering in a hurry before church. If you will click on the picture(the one lowest) it will enlarge it and on the lower left petal you can see Strips of pollen that has fallen off the anther. Looks like a yellow line.

Now the upper picture is Stamiles intro Bit of Blue. Look at the pollen on the anthers it is nice and fluffy and good color so it is good pollen to use. Chunky pollen is no good and moisture is usually the guilty party.

We have a few seedlings beginning to open but the cold nights have made some ugly petals. Scapes are everywhere and if the weather keeps warming we should have lots of bloom by the end of next week. Looks like peak will be a week early this year. I hope the temps stay down so we can set lots of seed pods. Have a Blessed Day and Pray for others. Jim Elliott

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