Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Man Scapes

I hope All had a great time at the Nationals but someone had to stay home and take care of the farm. Todays Blog is about Man Scapes. There is nothing feminin about these boys. God has blessed me with 4 such plants that have these Huge scapes. Yes they are Dips. I have the Hulk (tet) and it has a big scape but these bad boys have the Hulk beat. They are all 30 plus inches tall and 4 and 5 way branches with terminal Y. One is a cream pink blend and one that bloomed todat is baby pink. Flowers are 7 inches and substance is very thick. I have been watching these scapes since they started out of the fan. My wife thinks i am nuts but she can appreciate that. If all the buds do bloom how many seed pods can a man get with using pollen from 150 flowers. I had 2 flowers open yestaerday and one flower today. I was very selective on what the pollen went on. I will show flowers maybe tommorrow. This is how dips used to look when i first started going to Jack Carpenters. I dont know if pictures show well or not but scapes are about 1 1/2 inch diameter. Thank You Lord. Jim Elliott

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