Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Tet Babies

Lee Pickles told me to keep them comming so here are a few more. For some reason no one seems to want to comment, maybe its better they dont. but we do hope you enjoy the pictures of what we do on our blog. I think Lee is trying to make me run out of pictures. I have heard he is going to visit and work out a deal with David and Mort to get some of their seedling pictures to put on his blog. Just Kidding. I hope yall can work in the shade and do drink lots of water.Jim


  1. The 3rd photo of the red and yellow seedling looks like RED CLOUD MESA, a flower I won a blue ribbon with at my club's flower show in May.
    Julia Mason,
    Lakeland, FL
    Tampa Bay Daylily Society
    A.H.S. Member

  2. Jim, From what you have been showing in tets, you gave up the ship too soon. Good job. Lee