Thursday, June 24, 2010

Diploids With Eyes And Edges

The edges continue to get larger on our dip seedlings. I especially like the red eyes and edges. I cant take the credit for this as Jack Carpenter had this in his dips long before now. But we are going to try to make them bigger and in various colors. The patterns in the eyes are whatever you can dream of. I want them in blue, red and black and all tints inbetween. I have shown a few tets this week and i got some emails about where did the dips go? Well here we are again. I have some dips on our website with bigger edges but these seedlings are bigger flowers. I hope you enjoy the veiw and will continue to comment. Thanks for looking. Jim


  1. I love them ! Keep them coming.

  2. Wonderful job has been done on diploids Jim. Rudolfo