Sunday, June 13, 2010

Region 13 Meeting

Region 13 Meeting is done, Arkansas and Lousiana make up Region 13. It has been long overdue about us going to the Big Dance. Kathy and i used to go most of the meetings but with moving a garden and building a new house we had to let some things go. It was a great time for all who attended. The meeting was held in Hot Springs, Ark and i think it was the best ever. We really enjoyed it and we saw lots of beautiful gardens. There isnt enough room on our blog for even a small percentage of pictures we took. i will show a couple and prove Lee Pickles has been in Arkansas this weekend. Thanks to All who participated in this Regional. We had 130 people and had to shut off any more visitors. Next meeting will be in Baton Rouge for the National.

The garden picture is of Floyd Worleys garden in Benton, Ark.. Floyd has worked his tail off for 3 years to get to this point. The water fall in the picture wasnt complete but someday it will be beautiful. Thanks Floyd.

We had lunch saturday at a marina in Hot Springs Village, with Lee, Sheila and me just after lunch. What a beautiful place.

Heres a wacky combo of 3 Cajuns and a Razorback. Clarence Crochet, Muriel and Tom Walker and myself. My wife and i have been friends with these 3 Cajuns a long time. They welcomed us when we first met and believe it or not they still talk to me. Clarence thought we had died and were long gone from the daylilies. Nope, it just takes a long time to get organized again. Muriel did the Regional Newsletter for region 13 and won several nation awards but does other jobs now. I was telling a person on the bus going to the gardens that if Muriel still did the newsletter that she would put me on the front cover saying" Jims Back". Thank You All that came and enjoyed the 2 days of beautiful gardens, great food and great people in Region 13.

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