Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Did My Fertilizer Go?

As i was cutting grass yesterday i saw this green spot, Dark Green that is. The spot in the picture is where i had 3 gallon pots that had my 9 month release in them. Over the winter with rain and all it did leech out and the grass loves it. We are on our way to South Arkansas to our youngest daughters wedding. Reluctantly i will give her away. Pray for us on our trip and hope for a beautiful Wedding. There is a house sitter by the way. Thanks Jim Elliott

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  1. Jim,
    Beautiful pictures! I love those pink seedlings. The double edges are so clean looking and really i can't think of any others out there that have that look. I hope you end up registering and selling those. Now I have to go search for a hulk of my own--I love those big big flowers too.
    cindi McMurray Wichita KS