Monday, June 21, 2010

Tet Seedlings

Here are 3 of our tet seedlings that we have decided to keep for a longer look. Anyone that knows me knows it has to have branching and bud count for us to keep another year. I will show 3 today and more in a few days. Even though these are beautiful tet seedlings and Lee Pickles wants them, i still like my dips more. The pink seedling with teeth is a Forestlake Ragmuffin seedling. The other 2 with double edges are out of Savanah Royalty. You didnt think you would get the full cross did you?

It is Hot and Dry here in central Arkansas so that makes it tough for setting tet seed pods outside. I have tried the past few days and hopefully will get some seed set. If you enjoy what you are seeing on my blog please feel free to email at or you may leave a comment below this blog. Is there something you would like to here about, maybe i can help.

I do have a new friend down in Brazil. I think i will send him some dip seed after i collect mine to help him with patterns and branching. Thanks for looking. Jim

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