Friday, June 4, 2010

Water Marks

These flowers are about 5 1/2 inch diploids yes diploids. So what are Watermarks? I really dont know how to get them but im glad i have some. They are like reverse eye patterns. Instead where the eye pattern is darker or a different color but still darker, Watermarks are always lighter. Chalky or a frosted eye pattern. The old Munson tets had the trademark of watermarks on their flowers. Any time you saw a chalky eye on a purple flower you could bet money it was Munson bred. Ever see a coffee table that had water rings on it where cups had sweated and the moisture got under the finish on the wood and it is light so they call it a watermark. So hopefully someone out there learned a little about daylilies tonight. For me as a hybridizer these watermark in my diploids are new and i am not sure where to go with it. But i sure do like that purple.

I am using more pollen each day and as different beauties open i have a new pollen to work with. But before i use that pollen i want it to go on a nice scape that has lots of bud count and tall. I have several plants with 32 to 36 inch scapes that are very thick at the base. We had another thunder storm thursday afternoon and we got 1 3/4 onches of rain in about 2 hours with high winds. The few paper tags i had on pods are gone nothing but a string hanging there. Thank goodness i started using colored wires this year from the start. Tommorrow is saturday and there is a club and several individuals comming to visit and buy seedlings. Jim Elliott

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  1. Jim, I hope you are using a lot of pollen from the daylily at the top of this blog. A dip with a watermark, incredible.