Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today Was Carpenter Day

In our garden we call Tuesdays "Happy Tuesday". On HT Day we can put any pollen we want on any flower instead of using the best pollen on certain best plants. If i had any spiders we could use fat bagel pollen on a spider. Thats Happy Tuesday.

Today started out to be a best on best day and i was using my dip seedling D2210 that has the best branching and biggest scape in the whole yard. My wife was gone to carry Megan "grandaughter" to daycare. While she was gone i did it. I cheated. Please dont hate me or call me Stoopid. I couldnt help it. I got to Cosmic Kalidescope and got excited because it was the last bloom. So after 400 seed pods of D2210, i made today Carpenter Day. I laid the hammer down so not to get caught!! Then i got down to the named dips and here was Mount Herman Giant all 8 inches of orange dip, i walked back to D2210 and got an anther of pollen and Giant didnt have a pistil. So i threw down that pollen and got me some of Mt. Herman Giant pollen and spread that pollen far and wide with the intent of getting giant dips with eyes and all colors.

As i look at all my blue eyed seedlings, patterned eyed seedlings and just great dips all over the garden i realize now how much influence Jack Carpenter has had on my breeding program and my life as a Christian. How is that possible when Jack lives so far away"7hours". He has allowed me to come to his greenhouse in March and sit there for hours on end letting me pick his brain, answer the phone countless times when i had a little problem i didnt understand. I just want to say Thank You Jack Carpenter publicly for all the patients you have shown me over the past 12 years or so. May God allow me to be so patient with someone new to daylilies and want to know everything right now. If your seedlings are not showing that AHH that you are looking for just lay the hammer down and get you a Carpenter. Jim Elliott

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