Sunday, June 6, 2010

NE Arkansas Club Visit

Saturday morning the sun came up and what a beautiful day. As i tried to get things looking good for the club visit, get the smoker going and all the other things to do i felt i was forgetting something. I didnt forget, i just never had time to hybridize that morning. Two ladies came before the club made it here and it never fails to warm my heart hearing talk when they are in your garden, the oohs and ahhs really make all the sweat and work worth while. Sheila and her friend came about 30 minutes before the NE Ark. Daylily Club got here about 10am. They traveled 3 hours to look at our garden so i wanted them to feel welcome. I had my son Jeremy come and do the cooking for lunch while Kathy and i dug plants.

After a good lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs and cut fruit we had a nice visit and were able to cool down from the garden. They left about 115 pm. Kathy and i had gone to there club meeting last August and had arranged this visit then. Now tommorrow i can get back to spreading pollen again, then go to work.

The Region 13 meeting is this weekend and Lee Pickles is our guest speaker and i am really looking forward to our visit. The Arkansas State club had Lee for a speaker several years ago and he didnt dissapoint anyone. I do know he likes BBQ. Jim Elliott

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